Episode 30

Published on:

14th Jun 2023

Advance Your Wealth - The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. It's one of the hottest topics of conversation among business leaders and organizations at large...and for good reason!

On the latest episode of Advance Your Wealth, Homer is joined by Adam Butler, Chief Intelligence Officer at ReSolve Asset Management, for a deep dive into the innovations that AI has brought upon the business world.

By leveraging Chat GPT, among an array of other AI tools, business leaders are able to transform the very definition of productivity and allow their organizations to accomplish more with less.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the show

1:40 - Why business owners should be thinking about the implications of AI

2:53 - Welcoming Adam Butler to the show

4:05 - How AI tools are generally impacting the realm of business

8:30 - The most common AI tools that people should be considering in their day-to-day lives

12:58 - How you can leverage AI to benefit your life today

19:06 - Leveraging Chat GPT to develop email copy

27:25 - The concerns among Chat GPT and other AI tools available to the masses

36:15 - Who do you sue when AI messes up?

43:13 - How AI has impacted education at large

50:23 - Adam's recommended AI tools and plugins you should utilize

55:10 - How to get in touch with Homer's team

56:30 - Closing remarks

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