Episode 40

Published on:

5th Dec 2023

Advance Your Wealth - The 7 Self-Development Lessons You Never Learned in School

Growing up is hard, especially in today's day and age. But when you add financial challenges, like the transfer of significant wealth from an older generation to their heirs, life can become overwhelming for today's youth.

On the latest episode of Advance Your Wealth, we sit down with Barry Garapedian, the visionary Founder & CEO of Mag 7 Consulting, a boutique coaching, mentoring, and advisory firm tailored specifically for high-school and college-aged students. In this conversation, Barry shares the remarkable journey of MAG 7 and how it has become a beacon for young individuals seeking to unlock their full potential.

Barry sheds light on the importance of mentorship and coaching during the crucial formative years. Gain insights into the methodologies employed by MAG 7 Consulting to nurture skills, foster resilience, and instill a mindset of success in the next generation.



0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the episode

1:03 - The importance of long-term wealth planning within families

3:05 - Welcoming Barry Garapedian to the show!

3:55 - Barry's career pivot from wealth management to Mag 7 Consulting

6:41 - The greatest challenges facing today's youth

9:22 - Kids growing up in a wealth environment and the importance of instilling financial wisdom

12:37 - How Mag 7 actually works with today's youth

16:00 - Teaching clients the power of a handwritten note

17:45 - The responses Barry receives from parents of his clients

19:52 - The difference between an expectation and an agreement

23:50 - The 7 self-development lessons you never learned in school

26:48 - How to learn more about the work Barry does for clients through Mag 7 Consulting

28:02 - How to connect with Homer and his team

28:51 - Closing remarks

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