Episode 9

Published on:

27th Jul 2021

Advance Your Wealth - Stress Testing for Successful Business Owners

In the latest installment of Advance Your Wealth, Homer and Ryan circle back to the stress testing process and the countless benefits it provides for businesses.

As discussed in prior episodes, there are a wide-variety of challenges facing business today. But through regularly stress testing the business's portfolio, you can mitigate any unfavorable circumstances and ensure the business is on track to achieve desired goals.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought provoking conversation that is sure to leave you considering the stress testing process for your own business!


0:07 - Overview on today's topic

1:50 - What a stress test entails for a business owner

3:50 - The importance of stress testing on a periodic basis

5:00 - Where the human element comes into play during the stress testing process

6:15 - Stress testing can help fine tune general, but also specific issues within the business

7:52 - How stress testing can be utilized within exit planning

9:30 - How stress testing can play a role within asset protection planning

10:30 - Stress testing's role within retirement planning for business owners

12:00 - How a business owner can decide whether or not stress testing is worth pursuing

13:25 - Final remarks and how stress tests can address our ever-changing financial landscape

15:08 - Closing remarks

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