Episode 22

Published on:

24th Oct 2022

Advance Your Wealth - How an ESOP Can Benefit Your Business, Your Employees and Your Net Worth

Many business owners are always looking to motivate their employees, generate better results and save themselves some money in taxes.

On the latest installment of Advance Your Wealth, we're examining a tool that can potentially do that and more for your business. It's a retirement plan and succession tool called an Employee Stock Option Plan, or ESOP.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation surrounding a strategy that is bound to leave you with some considerations for your own business.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

2:00 - Why this type of retirement plan is one that business owners should be considering

3:42 - How an ESOP functions for a business and its employees

5:12 - The key differentiating factors within ESOPs

6:40 - The advantages business owners see when using ESOPs

8:55 - How an ESOP can benefit a business as an entity

10:38 - How an ESOP can assist within the succession planning efforts for business owners

12:36 - Questions that business owners should be asking themselves

14:35 - The first step you should be taking if you're interested in implementing an ESOP

16:33 - How you can get in touch with Homer and his team

17:30 - Closing remarks

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