Episode 15

Published on:

27th Jan 2022

Advance Your Wealth - Entrepreneurs: Here's Why You Need an Estate Plan!

If you are like many business owners, you’re looking out for more than just the financial health of your company. You also want to take care of your family and loved ones by providing for them and setting them up for rewarding lives of their own.

In the latest installment of Advance Your Wealth, Homer and Ryan are exploring how proactive estate planning can help you pursue these goals and build an amazing life of significance.

Too often estate plans can become outdated. Listen as we showcase the steps you can take to ensure your plan is current and capable of supporting you and your goals.


0:07 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

2:15 - A high-level overview on estate plans and their role with entrepreneurs

4:05 - Most people have a plan in place, but they are often very outdated

6:50 - How effective an outdated plan can be

7:49 - Examples of how an outdated plan caused issues and financial hardship for an entrepreneur

9:07 - The first steps you should be taking to update your estate plan

11:00 - The inner-workings your estate plan should function and assist you

12:56 - Tips or warnings for someone going through the estate planning process

14:30 - How you can get in touch with the team at Konvergent Wealth Partners

17:03 - Closing remarks

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